Electric Bottle Warmer essence oil Cream Gel Plastic 270ML Stainless steel 250ML Constant Temperature Elitzia ETOH843


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Essence oil massage, beauty service standards! This section of the oil insulation machine is not only can be heated and long-lasting insulation excellent products. It is not affected by the temperature of the season and the massage therapist, and can keep the essential oil at optimum temperature continuously. In particular, can quickly heat the essence oil to 60 °, at this time the essence of the oil temperature and the body of the most fitting, easy to push, moisturizing effect the best temperature state. Soft natural wood grain design, any style of salon can be applied. A special oil hydraulic bottle (270ml) is attached.


1. With thermo electric heap, more secure.

2. Use the essence oil after heating and double massage effect - By heating the essential oil, the cosmetic ingredient will quickly penetrate the skin. In addition, the temperature of the essential oil can promote the metabolism of the body, relieve the pressure to relax the mind and body. At the same time can enhance the skin moisturizing effect.

3. 60° constant temperature - The massage oil stays at 60° temperature at all times, not affected by season and beautician's body temperature, and can keep the essence oil at optimum temperature continuously. Thoroughly solve the problem caused by heating with hot water or towel cabinet and the risk of scalding caused by overheating.

4. Make the essence oil easier to absorb - When essence oils are heated to 50°, essential oils are more easily absorbed by the skin. The body's metabolism can be facilitated by using a warm massage oil massage.


Weight: 353g (including code)

Length of code: 2m

Power consumption: 35W

Specified voltage: ac100v 50hz/60hz

Insulation temperature: About 60

Accessory: Special Pump bottle *1 (270ml)

(The scale of the 250ml, can actually install 270ml)

Attention matters

1. Please put the machine in a smooth place to apply.

2. After the power cord is plugged into the machine power connector, press the power button to confirm that the power LED is not lit.

3. Please confirm the liquid temperature, if reach the suitable temperature, please cut off the power.

4. Please read the Manual of this machine in detail before using.

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